Green Energy News: Yevo Helps Darien, CT Celebrate Earth Day

Green Energy News: Yevo Helps Darien, CT Celebrate Earth Day

In case you hadn’t noticed, Earth Day has come and gone.  It may or may not have made an impact in your life, but it certainly means a lot to Yevo Foods and the city of Darien, CT.  Both joined in this year for a Green celebration to highlight the joy of shopping local in downtown Darien.

Yevo and Community Strengthening

Environmentally conscious shoppers like to shop local because it reduces freight, driving, and other footprint-increasing activities that usually come with shopping online and having things shipped.  People stroll on foot, see neighbors they haven’t seen all winter, and generally welcome Spring while they support local businesses.  It’s a community-strengthening day all around.

That’s why one shopkeeper, Jay Ragusa, chose to serve Yevo nutritional foods at his shop on Earth Day.  Darien’s Town Wide Cleanup Day rolled out that day.  People came out to pitch in with the beautification of the town, say hello to friends, and enjoy the warmer weather.

Why YEVO is Perfect for Earth Day

Mr. Ragusa chose to serve Yevo on Earth day because they go hand in hand, along the principles of healthy, earth-friendly living. He held tastings at his shop, Gofer, during the Earth Day events, spreading awareness of green living and nutritional foods.  He chose to serve vitamin and protein fortified oatmeal.  The oatmeal is one of Yevo’s star products, by the way.

What’s Yevo All About?

Like other Yevo reviews mention, the oatmeal provides 43 essential vitamins and nutrients, along with 100% whole grain, 8g fiber, 26g protein, and 11 minerals.  Each serving provides half the daily requirement for most of the 43 nutrients…that’s why people say about Yevo, “Two Yevo servings and you are set for the day”.


Yevo stresses the importance of meals made from real foods- a natural, “green” way of eating that’s becoming more popular as people recognize the benefits of whole foods.  The less processing, the better…better on the earth and better for the body.  There are no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and no preservatives either.

A Yevo Breakfast Helped Get the Day Started

Darien’s Town Wide Cleanup Day was a huge success.  Sponsored by the Darien Beautification Commission and the Darien Chamber of Commerce, it got people out and about and brought them together for a common cause.  Of course it started out right with a Yevo oatmeal breakfast, which kept people fortified and energized throughout the day of picking up garbage and otherwise tidying the community.

About Yevo

Yevo is based in Lehi Utah, and markets its fortified whole foods through a network of independent associates who form a network of sellers across the world. They are an MLM company, but with a unique compensation plan that differs from other MLMs like Four Corners Alliance or Empower Network.

Their products were years in the making and more are scheduled to come.  Although the flagship products at the moment are breakfast foods, the line will expand to include snacks, lunch, and dinner items as well.  Their patent-pending food technology ensures we’ll be seeing lots of exciting products in the near future.